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Dallas Cowboy Dog

One Sunday afternoon, a guy and his dog walk into a bar. Seeing this, the bartender said, "Sorry, pal. Unless you're blind, there's no dogs allowed."

"This dog is more than a pet," the man protested. "Turn on the Dallas game and you'll see."

The bar was slow, so the bartender did as the man suggested. "What's he going to do?" He demanded after a few silent minutes.

The newcomer said, "Just watch. Whenever the Cowboys score, my dog will do a flip."

Before long the Cowboys' kicker made a field goal and the dog sprang to his feet and did a perfect flip.

"Wow! That's a pretty cool dog you've got there. What happens when the 'Boys score a touchdown?" asked the bartender.

The man replied, "I don't know. I've only had him for seven years."